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Parties/Fun days

Parties/Fun days

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Are you planning a birthday party, office party, community get together, shopping centre or a school fun day and looking to offer something cool, new, creative, interesting and fun? Virtual Reality delivers this type of fun, interesting experience and more for all types of events, and will have your guests talking about your event for months to come. To face with fears that scare you and creep you (like fear of falling), or to face the situations that give you a feeling of great surprise or amazement (for example, to be a pretend Spider-Man). Some of these experiences are terrifying, some fun and spooky, and some are simply mysterious. Our Virtual Reality Games are for all age groups. You may have played some of them (like Fruit Ninja) on your mobile phone, but playing them using our VR technology will give you a very different experience. Most of the experiences and activities we provide have educational values. For example, Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space and develop your creativity. As another example, Skiing in the Mountains gives you this opportunity to improve your psychomotor skills.

Fun Filled Events!

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