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The fitness industry has been trying for decades to make exercise less boring, from TVs embedded in treadmills to apps nudging users to stay on schedule. Virtual reality can keep people excited about working out. Some fitness gurus and academics say virtual reality does a better job of keeping gym-goers engaged than older generations of games. Virtual reality is also a perfect step forward in the world of athletic training. Sports virtual reality has expanded beyond college football to become the new training tool for professional programs. For example, boxers can practice speed drills, shadow box and train their reflexes in VR far better than they could ever do in real life. Race car drivers will find an immediate interest in VR as many games such as Project Cars are extremely immersive and do not require a very expensive setup to get going.


Is regular exercise part of your job or your normal routine? Do you want to have fun while working out? With our virtual reality exercise bike, you sit on an exercise bike to feel like you’re riding a horse or a Pegasus while you work out. The exercise bike syncs with VR headsets in order to provide a virtual reality gaming experience while you exercise. The faster you pedal, the faster your horse or your race car will go. The games and experiences are as follows: (1) Cycle: Ride a bicycle through the countryside, drafting behind other cyclists to conserve energy and meeting a new goal every kilometre. (2) Race car: Drive a Formula 1 race car. (3) Cowboy: Lasso bandits off horses and throw dust devils. (4) Tank: Battle against tanks. (5) Pegasus: Search for gems, skim treetops for apples, and race through canyon gates, alone or with live players online. (6) Chopper: Shoot turrets, dodge missiles, and keep fuelled up as long as you can stay in the air.


There are many other VR games and activities wich are great with working out, like VR Ping Pong, Skiing in the Mountains, Fruit Ninja, etc. If you are planning for a sporting event, want to add sun to your exercise program, or want to use VR for sport training purposes, just let us know. 


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