Water walking ball

Water walking ball

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Water balls, crazy water walking balls, hamster balls, bubble balls or whatever name you like are the best fun in aquatic entertainment, by far one of the best water toys ever invented. Huge giant air tight balls that let you walk, run, roll, flip and spin on top of the water, without even getting wet! Water walkers are loved by ages from kids to adults and provide no end of laughs and giggles. A unique attraction for birthday parties, corporate events, team building or fun sessions etc. Water walkers are also available for hire for kids birthday parties as pool parties. Water walkers are suitable for all ages and everyone should give it a try. On the water and inside the water walkers you can do just about anything you like...try your hand at running or balancing. Maybe you want to try bump into your friends in the other balls or for the more placid perhaps just take your MP3 player with and relax! We can guarantee that you will never have had as much fun on the water - and you won't even get wet!

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